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As you should know (and I pity the fool who doesn't), this is Your Princess Elan. Here you will be pleased to discover very sexy video clips of myself as well as my gorgeous girlfriends who want nothing more than to enjoy our feet, our balloons, and humiliating and teasing you!

Yeah, that's just how we roll.

Feel like something is missing in your life? Dare you ask Your Princess Elan to fulfill your fetish fantasy? Email me at elankane@gmail.com for custom requests.

Want a little princess for yourself? You can also send me a message about purchasing worn socks, pantyhose, and shoes for your own personal treat! Don't say Your Princess isn't generous!

So sit back, relax, and let the fun begin


Elan Kane

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Belly Button Fun

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Length: 6 min

FootStool Try-Outs

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The Panty Perverts

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Length: 7 min

The Loser Loop

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Added: 8 months ago


Length: 3 min

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Ballet Feet


Added: 8 months ago

Disgusting Dicks


Added: 8 months ago

Loser You


Added: 8 months ago

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Posted: November, 02, 2016

My sweet fans,

Thank you all so much for bearing with me these past few weeks. Life has just been an utter storm -- geez! But without troubling you, I will say that things are finally starting to simmer down. 

The wedding in Virginia was beautiful and my friends have begun their happily ever after. I have some footage that I plan to share with you all so you have a glimpse into my vacationing!

Halloween was amazing as well (though I was suffering from a chiropractic nightmare for the past couple weeks, eek!). I adorned a neck brace for just about a week to ease my ailments and thus dressed as a the spine-impaired Hester from Scream Queens. My neck is still in suffering but I hope the muscle relaxants and rest will ease it back to its former glory.

As for the future, I am very much looking forward to what the holidays will bring! Send in the turkeys!


Mentally MIA

Posted: October, 11, 2016

Morning, everyone!

Sorry I've been a bit "away" as of late. Life has been pretty hectic what with kitty sitting, going partially deaf, and succumbing to illness in a painfully short time span. BUT! I promise I will be back with another vlog of which to update my lovelies! 

As many of you know, I will soon be off to the Land of Lovers -- Virginia! -- to celebrate yet another wedding. Wanna send me with some thoughtful vacation spending money? Feel free to spoil me with a sweet tribute and I'll be sure to use it accordingly!

Hope life is going well for you fine folks,

Model Alert: Ms Velma Von Massacre!

Posted: October, 04, 2016

58132-Model Alert: Ms Velma Von Massacre!-ElanKane58132-Model Alert: Ms Velma Von Massacre!-ElanKane

Shooting with the lovely Ms Velma VonMassacre this Friday and accepting a very limited amount of customs! Send yours in to lock your spot! elankane@gmail.com

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